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First part in the final phase

27 April 2001
The investment in the production & distribution centre at Jastrebarsko in Croatia will be realised in two phases. At the warehousing part of the construction, the concluding works are being carried out on mounting and setting in operation the technological equipment. Moving into the building will already be possible in the second half of April this year. The first phase comprises carrying out the construction works on the entire structure, finalizing and modernizing the warehousing part and the essential infrastructure, so that the warehouse will be able to operate independently. The warehouse operations will be automated, backed up by computer guidance and supervision. The warehouse will be informatically linked to the centre of Krka Farma Zagreb and to the services in Novo mesto. The second phase comprises completion of the production plant, which is intended for the production of pharmaceuticals in solid form. As soon as the first phase has been completed, we intend to continue with the works on the production part of the building, for which the documentation has already been fully prepared. The construction and artisanal works are being carried out according to plan, and are already in the concluding phase, as are also the heating and ventilation installations.
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