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Vitaskin in Bologna

29 May 2001
Krka presented its cosmetic products for the third successive year at the largest world fair of cosmetics and perfumes - Cosmoprof, in Bologna, Italy. At this prestigious fair, Krka was the only representative of Slovenian producers of cosmetics, and also the only cosmetics producer from SE and Central Europe. The experience of the past five years has shown that this fair provides a unique opportunity for making the acquaintance of new business partners in all areas of business operations: sales & marketing, purchasing, development, production and promotion. This year attracted a record number of exhibitors, 1715 in all, and the number of visitors from all over the world was over 120,000. The fair is attended by all those who wish to internationalize their business and gain an insight into the innovations in the technical and promotional field, and in the area of design and fashion trends. Amongst other benefits, it was precisely thanks to the Cosmoprof fair that Krka's Sun Mix gained an opening on the distant market of Hong Kong. Krka's exhibiting space presented the brand names Sun Mix and Vitaskin and was visited by many of our marketing and distribution partners from Europe.

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